In working with Laura I have found her to be exceptionally thorough, business-like and a great communicator. She also has more of an artistic eye and understanding of artistic principles than most curators and consultants that I have worked with, which is so refreshing for me as an artist. She understands all sides of the art business and works to coordinate everyone’s interests in a project. 
— Tania Dibbs, Big Sky Studio, Inc.
I have worked as an artist with Easel Art Consulting for over 15 years and am so impressed with the quality of their work and clients. I feel that Easel Art Consulting represents one of the finest groups of artists available and the level of the work is superior and stands up to any around the country. I would highly recommend Easel Art to anyone who is looking to create an installation or expand an existing one.
— Scott Service, Broker Associate at Your Castle Real Estate
The first phone call I had with Laura I noticed and appreciated not only her knowledge as an art consultant but also her interest in the context behind my work. She asked me a lot of great questions that showed her thoughtfulness in the project and I felt heard when I expressed my work and ideas. Laura is attentive to both the client and the artist while moving the project forward with great communication. It was a wonderful experience working with Laura and I look forward to future collaborations.
— Elysia Vandenbussche, Artist