With twenty years of experience and a broad exposure to various art disciplines including as a hotel art consultant, Laura Reagan brings a unique perspective to the field of art consulting.  She received her degree in art history from the University of Michigan where she specialized in the field research and conservation of Southeast Asian art.  She assisted in exhibit design and artist coordination for the curatorial departments at the University of Michigan Museum along with The Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities.  Laura then spent two years working in a commercial gallery before entering the world of art consulting where she has been developing art programs for clients for the last fifteen years.  

Prior to establishing Easel Art Consulting, Laura worked for an industry leading corporate art consulting firm where she partnered directly with the owner/operator on projects which immediately allowed her to be involved in all aspects of the business, including healthcare art consulting.  Laura played a principal role in the acquisition of art for a broad client base ranging from the historic Hotel Teatro to major campus installations including Lucent and Visa.  

In 2004 Laura founded Easel Art Consulting with a vision of working closely with both client and artist to establish art programs that are both challenging and aesthetic.  With an emphasis on relationships and communication, Laura’s approach demonstrates how art serves a critical role within our environment.  As a means to stay ahead of the trends, Laura understands the value of conducting regular studio visits with new and emerging artists, attending museum exhibits, and staying in sync with the gallery scene.  These international efforts, along with her passion and enthusiasm for passing knowledge on to the client, allow her to procure art that is both relative and emotive.  Not only do her art placements exude confidence and refinement, but so do her clients.  The art experience for them becomes more than a canvas on a wall – it is now an insight and inspiration.

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Laura Reagan